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Solar World Project and Powur have partnered to help you go solar and save more money!

Powur is building a new model for Sustainability and Profitability


Why we chose to partner with POWUR

Powur has pioneered a revolutionary approach to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. Through their proprietary social business model and distributed network of best-in-class installers… together with Solar World Project we are empowering homeowners to go solar for no upfront cost while we transfer wealth from big utilities to our partners like you.
Their unique algorithm analyzes solar providers against public customer reviews and combines that data with each provider’s total installs, workmanship warranties, and more. The result, we screen the best solar providers in the country and offer our customers unmatched value, service, and ROI without them ever having to lift a finger.

According to a new study by Yale, $0 down solar is a better investment than the stock market.


As a Solar World Project Advocate, you can earn great income representing solutions for homeowners to…

  • Save thousands on electric bills without any upfront costs.
  • Own their energy, instead of depending on monopoly utilities.
  • Be part of the solution to end carbon pollution and its effects on our climate and health.


Unprecedented Rewards

Simple Money


An uncomparable revenue plan pays you generously for a very simple task. Just ask the people you know if they want to save thousands of dollars on their energy bill and receive a free $0 down solar proposal. When your leads turn to an appointment or install, you can get paid.


Marketing Center


Use state of the art digital marketing tools to gain new customers and teammates. Building your own income in solar has never been easier.


360° Training & Certification


We are always here to help you develop as an entrepreneur and professional, so you can reach your big goals in life.

Take advantage of a revolutionary platform to join the fast growing solar industry through a proprietary revenue sharing plan. The benefits of joining Solar World Project are many


  • Unlimited earning potential inside the trillion dollar shift to renewable energy.
  • Lucrative revenue on every installation you refer.
  • Large commissions on installations in your referral network.
  • Earn great money simply setting solar appointments.
  • Know that the work you do everyday matters, and is impacting our world.
  • No autoships, no inventory, and no expertise required.
  • It’s easy and affordable to join.